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Synonyme d'alarme sûre et de communication efficace.

 Fournisseur de récepteurs de radiomessagerie robustes et de réseaux d'alarme sécurisés, Swissphone développe constamment de nouvelles solutions logicielles innovantes. De l'appel d'urgence jusqu'à l'alarme donnée via le réseau et aux destinataires, cette entreprise a la solution, peu importe le domaine dans lequel vous vous trouvez. 

Téléavertisseur vocal Analogue

RE729 Stored Voice

RE729 Vox Pager

RE629 Stored Voice

The RE629 SV offers a voice memory with a four-minute recording capacity. All alarms are archived and can be replayed as often as is required.

Important performance features:
  • 32 addresses with 50 user profiles to fit the requirements of any assignment
  • Large display for clarity at a glance
  • Frequency synthesizing via PLL keeps down set-up times for activation
  • Four minute voice memory, divisible, can be set as fixed or dynamic
  • Available in Wideband (25kHz) and Narrowband(12.5kHz) channel spacing
  • Available multi-channel version allows up to 50 channels
  • Built in 12h/24h clock and stopwatch feature
  • Accepts NiMh or Alkaline AA battery
  • IP54 protection ensures reliable alerting in all weather conditions

Téléavertisseur Alpha Numérique

Hurricane DUO Pager

A high power digital signal processor (DSP) converts the received alphanumeric message to easily comprehensible speech. The message can be read on the display simultaneously. A user programmable address name is displayed in the status line along with the message, allowing to grasp immediately which address an alert was received on. The HURRICANE DUO offers 64 RICs with 4 sub addresses each.
Housed inside the same case used by the well-known Swissphone analogue receivers, the HURRICANE DUO inherits their robustness. Ease of use has been a design principle from the start. Texts as well as icons help to navigate through the  user menu. The one-hand operation featured in previous models has been retained. In fact it is even possible to operate Swissphone receivers wearing gloves.

Important Performance Features

  • Speech synthesis reads out message text aloud, as it is displayed
  • 64 cap codes (RICs) with 4 sub addresses each
  • Options: Multi-channel, IDEA™-Encryption, Express-Alarm®, on-air-programming
  • HURRICANE DUO – the POCSAG pager that speaks your language.