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Are you an outdoor enthusiast, or do you have to work outside cellular and radio coverage areas? Do you want to maintain reliable communication in case of emergency or stay in touch with your loved ones or colleagues even when no network is available? Perhaps you are in charge of a public safety department and are looking for a backup solution in case of a widespread failure of traditional telecommunication networks?

Well, we have options for you!


GPS satellite messaging device


GPS satellite messaging device


Two-way satellite messaging device, now with Bluetooth

SPOT Gen4 - GPS Satellite Messaging


189,99 $


SPOT Gen4 provides a vital communication link in rescue situations when you are beyond the reach of reliable cellular service. SPOT Gen4 lets family, friends and co-workers know you're okay or, should an unforeseen situation arise, can transmit your GPS location to emergency crews at the touch of a button. Add this rugged, pocket-sized device to your list of must-have gear and stay connected no matter where you go for leisure or work.


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GSP-1700 - Mobile satellite phone



Communicate with the people who matter most and transmit data in places and at times when normal communication is impossible. The GSP-1700 is the optimal portable satellite phone. Using the optional GIK-1700 installation kit, you can easily implement a complete satellite phone system in your vehicle or watercraft, from the smallest car to the largest aircraft carrier.



Be heard with crystal clear CDMA digital voice quality, fast 9.6 kps data transmission speed,



Get a reading of your latitude and longitude right from your Globalstar phone. Take advantage of area code phone numbers where service is available.


Receive a FREE GSP-1600 or GSP-1700 pre-owned satellite phone (up to a $475 value) when you make a 12-month commitment!

To receive the free GSP-1600, customers must subscribe to a Constellation 75, Constellation Unlimited, Galactic 900 or Galactic Unlimited service level plan.

To get the free GSP-1700, customers must subscribe to a Constellation or Galactic Unlimited level service plan to qualify.

Pay ONLY a $50 activation fee at the time of purchase!

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SPOT & Globalstar Product Coverage Map

Couverture GSP1700
Orange Block Main coverage area
Fringe Coverage Diagonal Lines Perimeter Coverage Area
Customers should expect to experience a weaker signal.
Home Zone Green Border Local Area
Within the local area, Globalstar North American customers can roam free of charge without incurring additional airtime charges.  This map is intended to identify the local coverage area for Satellite, Universal, Orbit and Galaxy customers in North America. Coverage is subject to change without notice.


The unit's SOS/911 coverage applies only to the areas shown above. Antennas must be fully extended and/or deployed to activate SOS and 911 functionality.

Coverage may vary. Map shows coverage for two-way satellite voice and duplex data only.

Actual coverage may vary due to portal deployment, local licensing and other factors. Globalstar service is a satellite radio technology subject to transmission limitations due to terrain type, service area boundaries, customer use of equipment, and other variable conditions including satellite operations and orbital positions. Contact customer service for information on roaming conditions and service availability before traveling.

*For new activations only. This offer is conditional on the customer signing a 12-month service agreement for one of the Satellite 200/Universal 2400, Satellite 250/Universal 3000 or Satellite/Unlimited packages. Early termination of the service agreement or downgrade to a lower level service plan will result in the customer paying a cancellation fee of $39.58 multiplied by the number of months remaining in the 12 month commitment, plus taxes for the used Globalstar GSP-1700 obtained through the promotion and plus any penalties incurred for early termination of service. Downgrading to a lower level service plan will also result in a $50 downgrade fee in addition to signing a new 12-month commitment beginning on the date of downgrade. The offer includes a one-time $360 airtime credit that will appear on the first airtime invoice. Limited time offer. Geographic coverage may vary. Taxes are extra. Globalstar reserves the right to make changes to promotions, offers, pricing, coverage, and service plans at any time without notice. Please check with your Globalstar authorized distributor for all pricing and coverage information. Please see all Globalstar service information on our website under the Terms and Conditions tab at © 2019. All rights reserved.