Telemetry and broadband communication


Telecommunications are also useful for controlling and monitoring various systems remotely. This is called telemetry. Our engineering department is able to advise you to achieve the desired result for your operations. We present a few examples here, but the possibilities are endless!

pump station telemetry

Telemetry can be used for wastewater management through, among other things, tank level detection and process automation.

This technology uses SCADA (Alarm supervision and control application) and telephone alarms.

broadband communication (davicom)

Broadband telemetry technology enables monitoring of electrical and telecommunications systems from a distance. It is also possible to view and receive notifications regarding battery levels, temperature and power outages.


load shedding automation

Mainly used in fire stations, load shedding automation makes it possible to switch off the accessory devices in operation during an alert. This allows first responders to leave the barracks more quickly.

access control

Telemetry also allows the control of remote accesses such as doors or barriers.