Kalliope industrial tablets

Kalliope industrial grade Android tablets, by Concept Numérique, are certified for the American military standard MIL-810-G, for drop tests. Their cases are water resistant (submersible in one meter of water for 30 minutes) and dust resistant, as they are completely sealed. Kalliope tablets can withstand cold temperatures down to -20 degrees Celsius and heat up to +60 degrees Celsius. Their battery life is exceptional and allows you to work between 10 and 25 hours continuously, depending on the model. Our tablets can also be used as a phone with a SIM card. They will be delivered with all their accessories.

Multifunctional and robust


ARM 64 bits 10 core @ 2.4GHZ


Completely dust-proof and protected against the effects of immersion up to 1 meter deep


Shockproof according to MIL-810G / Method 516.6 / Procedure IV


9650 mAh offering 20 hours autonomy


8 Gb RAM with 128 Gb internal memory


High performance 3D graphics microprocessor


Satellite positioning with or without mobile network

Cell Phone

Our tablets include a cell phone 3G HSPA+ LTE VoLTE

Available Kalliope tablets


The Kalliope 6" tablet is compact and easy to handle. It is the best option for tracking and talking with your colleagues on the factory floor or in the field. Scan your inventory with its 1 and 2D barcode scanner and call your suppliers.

  • With Android operating system.
  • 10 hours continuous battery life.


The Kalliope 7" tablet is easy to hold with its specially designed strap. With its robust touch screen for better navigation, it gives you the light you want depending on where you work, whether indoors or outdoors.

  • With Android operating system.
  • 20+ hours of continuous use.


The Kalliope 10" tablet offers a slightly larger screen. It's easy to hold with a strap on the back. Even if you work outside with gloves, it has buttons for easy navigation. With its 1D-2D scanner and RFID, you can read your barcodes and RFID cards more easily and quickly.

  • With Android operating system.
  • 20+ hours of continuous use.


The Kalliope 10" tablet is the latest addition. The demand was great to provide a larger format. With its titanium alloy casing, the KM10 is impact resistant despite its size and slimmer look. It is also approved for CAUCA's SURVI-Vehicular for emergency units. It is safe and easy to use in emergency vehicles or in the warehouse.

  • With Android operating system.
  • 20+ hours of continuous battery life.


This Kalliope 10" tablet is a special request that has become a must for some customers. Concept Numérique can adapt all its products or create custom ones for your business needs.

  • With Android operating system.
  • 20+ hours of continuous use.