Go Mobile LTE - A PoC Solution

Different technologies that meet your needs

GoMobile LTE

The Go mobile network is the result of efforts that have made it possible to deploy our radio communication network throughout North America, all in real time. The Go mobile network uses several cutting-edge technologies, whether for communication needs at municipal, regional, provincial, national and global levels.

The LTE solution: economical and efficient

GoMobile LTE
The LTE solution allows you to communicate with your team anywhere and anytime through our LTE network. With the Go mobile LTE app, you can send messages to your team from your cell phone, mobile or handheld radio.
Simple, economical and efficient, our LTE solution gives you reliable network coverage across the country !

The advantages of a Push-To-Talk-Over-Cellular (PoC) solution


Long distance communications

  • With a traditional radio, long distance communication can be more difficult. Current technologies tend to require equipment such as repeaters to enlarge the coverage area. Now, with POC, stay connected anywhere, anytime: our LTE network gives you constant and reliable coverage, no matter where you are.


Low start-up cost

  • Unlike traditional radio, there is no infrastructure investment requirement. No need to invest in repeaters and cabling. Once we've set up your radios, it's as easy as turning on the device and starting the conversation by pressing the PTT (Push-to-talk) button.


Collaborate in real time

  • See the status of other users, press a single button to communicate, send photos, receive call and text notifications, all in one place. Go Mobile LTE PRO provides you with a secure private network to effectively protect your data with digital signature and voice encryption.


Never miss a thing

  • View your message history with the ability to replay missed communications.


Precise geolocation

  • Geolocate your team members with precision: See all users live on your map with continuous location and history.

Enjoy constant and reliable network coverage, so you can be connected with your team and / or employees wherever you are.

Don't be afraid of leaks! Your conversations are protected using digital signature and voice encryption to keep your data safe.

Locate all your team members / employees thanks to the integrated geolocation function. The status of your contacts as well as their travel history are listed.

Our available devices


GoMobile LTE

Go Mobile is our private label of LTE products. With a robust design, these radios ensure optimal performance, no matter your environment.


Available models:


  • TM-7Plus
  • T-552a

Hytera has already made its mark in our product line for several years now. Their devices are reliable and robust.


Available models:


  • PNC370
  • PDC760
GoMobile LTE
GoMobile LTE

Icom stands out by having its own infrastructure and allows us to have one more option in our portfolio of solutions.


Available models:


  • IP501H
  • IP501M

L3Harris offers a variety of competitively priced products with a wide range of compatible accessories.

BeOn PTT, an application from L3Harris, turns your smartphone or tablet into a Push-To-Talk communication solution.


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GoMobile LTE

Any iOS and Android device has the ability to download apps tailored to your LTE needs and replicate the experience of a push-to-talk radio.



Why is Go Mobile LTE the best PoC solution?

We rely on a professional, experienced team that listens to your needs. With Orizon Mobile, we offer you the most suitable solution for your situation.

We can count on the most extensive and fastest network in the country. By choosing to trust Orizon Mobile, you are opting for the mobile network which has won all the major industry awards.

We have a large network of branches across Quebec. No matter where you are, it is possible for us to help you. With our personalized customer service, we will take care of you quickly.

Need to link your new fleet of LTE radios to your already existing infrastructure?

The radio-PTT interoperability solution

GoMobile LTE

To maximize the scope of your network, the radio-PTT (Push-to-Talk) interoperability solution allows you to instantly communicate with your team using your Go Mobile LTE radio or PTT devices. This compatibility allows you to link your radio network to PTT technology with a high data capacity.

The advantages of combining your PTT Go mobile LTE system and your radio network?


  • Keep everyone connected: our unique and integrated communication platform allows users of various systems to communicate at any time, without requiring new devices;
  • Extended reach and coverage: Increase network coverage and availability;
  • Keep control of your fleet as well as the applications your employees have access to with our security system installed on all LTE devices.


Reliable and super-fast coverage


To maximize the scope of your network, The Radio-PTT (Push-to-Talk) interoperability solution allows you to instantly communicate with your team using your Go Mobile LTE radio or PTT devices. This compatibility allows you to link your radio network to PTT technology with a high data capacity.