Radiocommunications: Essential for all Types of Events!


Mar 14, 2023

Radio communication is the ideal tool to efficiently manage events of all kinds.

We know all about it! Each year, Orizon Mobile is the partner of more than 300 events and festivals throughout Quebec. Our customers benefit from recent devices, punctual service and an impressive potential for logistics solutions.

What are the advantages of radio communication for events? Here they are!

Coordinate your team effectively



With our wide selection of handheld radios from top brands like KENWOOD and Hytera, your team can coordinate instantly, whether onsite or remotely. No more getting lost in endless back and forth or spending hours looking for a team member to solve a problem, everything is at your fingertips with radio communication.

Increased security for your events



Radio communication is also an essential tool for improving safety at the event. In the event of an emergency, handheld radios allow for quick notification and coordination of rescue efforts. Police, ambulances and firefighters can respond more quickly to ensure the safety of all participants.

Your audience deserves a great experience



But radio communication doesn’t stop there! It can also enhance the overall attendee experience by coordinating activities, attractions and food areas. Handheld radios can reduce wait times and enhance the attendee experience by providing better organization of the event.

A smooth flow of traffic



Finally, radio communication can be an invaluable ally for traffic and parking management at the event. Hand-held radios make it easy to coordinate cars and buses, ensuring smooth traffic flow and a more pleasant parking experience for participants.

Orizon Mobile is here for you

Radio communication is an essential tool for the efficient management of all types of events. It allows quick coordination, better security, an improved experience for participants and optimized traffic management. Event organizers can’t afford to miss out on this ultra-practical and indispensable solution!

Are you an organizer? Whether it is for sports events, festivals or concerts, Orizon Mobile offers you a fast and efficient communication between the members of the organizing team. Contact us for your event needs!

-Alek Germain, marketing coordinator


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Radiocommunications: Essential for all Types of Events!

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