Automate Your Alerts With Telemetry

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Jun 20, 2022

You work in remote locations. You are a manager for an excavation company and need an overview of your electrical and communication systems.

You are the owner of a construction company and are looking to remotely control access to your site such as doors or gates for security purposes.

You are a manager in the public safety network of a municipality and want to automate systems to improve your response time in case of emergencies.

Telemetry is the technical process that allows you to achieve all these goals!


What is it?  

Telemetry is the automatic recording and transmission of data from remote or inaccessible sources to a computer system at another location for monitoring and analysis.


Why it is Important ?  

Telemetry allows you to keep an eye on your work site. It is an essential tool for security monitoring and data collection through your IT infrastructure. 


Automating Alerts: The Example of The City of Repentigny

Orizon Mobile recently completed a home automation and telemetry project for the City of Repentigny in partnership with Davicom, one of our specialist telemetry suppliers.

The municipality needed to improve the response time to emergency calls from the three nearby fire stations. In order to improve their process, it was agreed to configure a telemetry and home automation system that would allow them to automatically shut down the fire stations’ ovens and relay incident-related information in audio format during alarms.

Following the integration of the various communications systems, our specialist technicians installed a Cortex box for each fire station. This Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) is what allows the monitoring of the operations required for this project.


What is The Process ? 

The dispatcher receives a 911 call about a fire. After entering the information into the computer system, the call card is routed to different groups in Targa AIR, an interactive dispatch alerting software developed by Komutel. The data is separated into two groups: voice and home automation.

Targa AIR reads the information and groups it in the right order. In the case of this example, it goes as follows: In this example, it goes as follows: “Recommendation”, “Type of call”, “Time” and “Incident address”.

The collected and ordered data is then converted into a “.wav” audio file, which is then sent to the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server of the Cortex boxes in the fire stations.

The Cortexes receive commands: if the fire station is the one closest to the fire, the audio file will be played over the loudspeakers to alert the staff. If necessary, the commands for the home automation system will also be activated to close the dining room oven and turn on the emergency lights.

The alarm is then repeated on both the radio waves and the barracks loudspeakers, and then again only on the loudspeakers to free up the radio waves for urgent communications.

Here is an example of the audio playback of the data: “BARRIER 50; nature of call: building fire; call time: 14:58m; address: 120 Chemin McCune, Repentigny.”

In Conclusion

Orizon Mobile and its partners will be happy to assess your needs and provide you with the best possible service. Contact us for all your data management and control needs!


-Alek Germain, marketing coordinator


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