iPhone SE 2022 : Powerful And Affordable  

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Mar 31, 2022

The iPhone SE (for Special Edition) series is a mix of Apple’s past and present: the proposal of a powerful phone with a classic look, all at an affordable price.  

Introduced in 2016, the first iPhone SE shares the same processor (Apple A9) as the 6S series of iPhones -at the time the brand’s flagship- in a compact design similar to the previous 5S. 
In 2020, to the surprise of many, Apple unveils the second generation SE, coinciding with the end of production of the iPhone 8. The 2020 SE borrows the shape of this series, moreover the last of the main line to use the iconic Home button. On the processor side, the phone contains the Bionic A13, found in the iPhones 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max and released the same year. Users are left with a phone that physically resembles the iPhone 8, but with the computing power of a high-end iPhone.  

What The iPhone SE 2022 Offers

The third generation of the iPhone SE is finally upon us. In the same vein as its predecessors, Apple keeps a recognized design (that of the iPhone 8), but adds the most powerful processor of the iPhone family. In this case, the Bionic A15.  


A State-Of-the-Art Chip 

As mentioned, the Bionic A15 chip is extremely fast. You’re guaranteed the best possible performance in all your applications and smoothness, whether you’re playing video games (Apple claims graphics performance is up to 1.2x faster than the previous generation), playing videos, or browsing the web or your apps. What’s more, a processor this powerful ensures that the iPhone SE 2022 will be maintained by Apple for many years to come.


A Better Life


Battery life on a cell phone is by far one of the most mentioned selling points. The Bionic A15 chip and iOS 15 operating system optimization allows the iPhone SE 2022 to last even longer, up to two hours longer than its predecessor. Enjoy shorter charging times, too: with a wireless charger or 20-watt cable, the iPhone SE 2022 gains 50 percent charge in 30 minutes. 


5G Network-ready, At A Low Cost 

New for the SE series, 5G connectivity is available: this is one of the few “affordable” range cell phones offering this technology. What is 5G? We have an article on this very subject! (French only)


A Well Known Design 

The iPhone SE 2022 is easily usable with one hand: its format is identical in every way to the iPhone 8. If you are a fan of the design of pre-2018 iPhones (can we even say “retro”?), it is perfect for you. Both the front and the back of the device are made of tempered glass -a solution also used in the recent iPhone 13- and certified IP67 against water infiltration.


An Intelligent Camera


With the Bionic A15 chip, the iPhone SE 2022 is able to use deep learning (patented as Deep Fusion by Apple) to improve the appearance of photos and videos taken by its 12-megapixel rear camera.  Deep Fusion can analyze multiple exposures to reveal fine details, textures and edges in low to medium light.

Smart HDR 4 can automatically adjust contrast, lighting and skin tones.

Like the iPhone 13, you can apply a photographic style that customizes the way the camera captures your images. There are four settings to choose from: Vibrant, Rich Contrast, Warm and Cool. The difference between these styles and a “regular” filter is that the iPhone SE applies these styles in real time, so natural sky or skin tones are perfectly matched to the desired style.



The Home Button : A Classic


The home button comes with built-in Touch ID, a secure way to unlock your phone and log into your apps. Touch ID also works with Apple Pay to easily complete your purchases without the need to pull your credit card out of your wallet.


The Final Word

Are you looking for a powerful yet inexpensive cell phone? Are you a fan of the iconic Apple look? The new third generation iPhone SE is now available in our TELUS stores and on our online platform Yourcell.ca!

-Alek Germain, marketing coordinator


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